Valierawolves are wolves which can be bought in the Menagerie for 1Crystal per egg. They were released alongside the Cuddle Plushie during the February 2016 Seasonal Release. They are not seasonal, however.

Descriptions Edit

Egg Edit

Holding this mysterious egg makes you feel fierce.

Hatchling Edit

An adorable wolf puppy hatched from the egg... but it seems to have a few too many tails. It loves to play-fight.

Mature Hatchling Edit

The wolf puppy has grown quite a bit, and has developed beautiful markings. It enjoys pretending to hunt your other creatures, howling after each successful catch.

Adult Edit

Valierawolves are beautiful, fierce wolves. They live in packs of up to 20 wolves, led by an alpha pair. The packs are highly territorial and don't just defend their existing territory, but actively seek out new territory, even going to battle with other packs for it. It is not uncommon for a Valierawolf to lose one of its nine tails in such a battle. They breed all year long, and newly hatched pups are cared for by the whole pack. The wolves choose their partner by the amount of battle scars; the more scars a wolf has, the higher its chance of mating. They do not mate for life, although alpha pairs often stay together for years.

Sprites Edit

Gender Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Type
Icon genders
Valierawolf egg
Valierawolf s1
Valierawolf s2
Valierawolf adult
Rhynn's Oddity
Icon genders
Valierawolf imim berain egg
Valierawolf imim berain s1
Valierawolf imim berain s2
Valierawolf imim berain adult
Imim Berain
Gryffi's Oddity
Icon genders
Valierawolf imim lefen egg
Valierawolf imim lefen s1
Valierawolf imim lefen s2
Valierawolf imim lefen adult
Imim Lefen

Hatching sequence Edit

Egg Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Type
Valierawolf egg
Valierawolf egg1
Valierawolf egg2
Valierawolf egg3
Valierawolf egg4
Valierawolf imim berain egg
Valierawolf imim berain egg1
Valierawolf imim berain egg2
Valierawolf imim berain egg3
Valierawolf imim berain egg4
Imim Berain (Rhynn's Oddity)
Valierawolf imim lefen egg
Valierawolf imim lefen egg1
Valierawolf imim lefen egg2
Valierawolf imim lefen egg3
Valierawolf imim lefen egg4
Imim Lefen (Gryffi's Oddity)

Trivia Edit

Although Gryffi had no part in the creation of the Valierawolves, Rhynn created a special oddity for her as a thank-you for all the work she does for Tales of Ostlea. This marks the first time an oddity was given out for something other than the site opening, holiday or donation creature.

The name 'Valierawolf' comes from two words in a language made up by Rhynn, Eyenera; Vali (meaning Glory) and Era (meaning Battle). The wolves gain glory for themselves and their pack by doing battle, so it is a rather fitting name.

The names for the Oddities are constructed similarly. Imim means pride, as the wolves are very proud. Lefen means daring, and Berain means cunning.

Credits Edit


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