Trick or Treat was part of the Halloween 2016 event.

Event Edit

It was a forum event which allowed all forum members to create a 'house' (thread) where other members could trick or treat to get creatures, items, silver, etc. - whatever the house owner was giving out.

Announcement Edit

Hello my lovely Ostleans! We have quite a bit of news for you today!

Trick or Treat! In honor of the up coming holiday we've created a temporary sub-forum where we'd like to invite you all for some trick or treating!

How will this work? We'll it's actually quite simple, any user, staff or not, is invited to create their own thread which will function as their "house", trick-or-treaters can visit each house by posting in the thread and the house owner will then send a private trade with a treat (or trick). House owners are welcome to have their own "house rules" if they choose but please be sure to keep them simple and in the spirit of the holiday!

Come join in the fun!

The sub-forum will be open from now until November 2nd! Enjoy!

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