The Trading Post is the on-site hub for trading.

Description Edit

You've heard of the trading post quite a few times now. It seems like a famous and busy place, as just about everyone knows of it. But it's cooler looking than you expected! Walking into the trading post, you find many deals being struck, while an equal amount of deals are being rejected. The lively place encourages you to perhaps make a trade of your own.

Areas Edit

The Trading Post is separated into three areas: Start a Trade, View Trade Requests, and Promocodes.

Start a Trade Edit

The 'Start a Trade' section is, as the name implies, the area to create a new trade. Both private and public trades can be created here.

View Trade Requests Edit

The 'View Trade Requests' section is where ongoing, cancelled and completed trades can be viewed. Ongoing trades can be cancelled from here.


The area to enter a promo code

Promocodes Edit

The 'Promocodes' section is the area to enter promotional codes.

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