Trading is one of the actions to get rid of unwanted creatures, the others being Selling and Abandoning. Trading is swapping creatures, silver or crystals for other creatures, silver or crystals. Trading is done through the Trading Post.

Gifting Edit

Gifting is a form of trading in which one person does not get anything in return for what they are trading away. This is only possible in private trades; public trades always need at least one thing to be offered in return.

Private Trades Edit

Private trades are only accessible by the creator of the trade and the intended recipient. The intended recipient is chosen by the creator at the time of the trade's creation. A private trade cannot be made without entering a recipient.

There is currently a bug where failing to enter the recipient's name with the correct capitalisation, will result in a bugged trade and notification for the recipient. Therefore, care must be taken to always enter the name right.

Public Trades Edit

Public trades are accessible by anyone with the link to the trade. This link can be copied by the trade creator on the View Public Trades screen. Public trades are not accessible without the correct link.

Restrictions Edit

For trading creatures, there are some restrictions. Each person may only offer 10 creatures per trade. Additionally, all creatures must be in the same lair and on the same page.

How to Trade Edit



Public and Private trading

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