Stalks are creatures found in Lyzta's Jungle. They were released on the third day of the Creature Symposium 2017

Descriptions Edit

Egg Edit

The outer shell of this colourful egg seems to be peeling away at the top.

Oops, looks like this was actually a seed. You can now see a little stem poking out of the top.

Hatchling Edit

A strange-looking flower has bloomed from the seed that you found. It smells lovely, but you could swear you've seen it twitch out of the corner of your eye.

Mature Hatchling Edit

A strange-looking flower has bloomed from the seed that you found. It smells lovely, but you could swear you've seen it twitch out of the corner of your eye. The 'flower' is definitely moving now, and will snap at any creature that gets too close to it with the new fangs it has developed. It also appears to be uprooting itself from the ground.

Adult Edit

Stalks are an unusual combination of plant and animal, starting life as a benign-looking flower and developing more and more animalistic traits as they reach adulthood. As they mature they will pull their own roots out of the ground, causing them to twist and form into clawed limbs so they can manoeuvre through the dense foliage and tree branches of their jungle home. Though not particularly strong or fast they have incredible endurance, and have been known to form large packs and follow after prey for days on end until it collapses from exhaustion. They have no eyes or ears to speak of, but can sense minute vibrations and scents in the air with long, thin tendrils that produce from their bodies. These plants are capable of producing a variety of different fragrances and pheromones, so it is believed that by smell is the primary way that these plants communicate with each other.

Sprites Edit

Gender Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Icon genders
Stalk egg
Stalk s1
Stalk s2
Stalk adult

Hatching sequence Edit

Egg Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Stalk egg

Trivia Edit

- There is constant debate over whether to classify Stalks as a plant or an animal, as they share traits with both. Recent observations suggest that it depends on what stage they are in during their life cycle, meaning that they are considered plants until they uproot and begin to actively hunt.

- Stalks have no distinguishable gender, but will assume either a male or female role as they mature. Environmental influences such as temperature and availability of food appear to be factors in this decision.

- Their predatory behaviour evolved from a lack of sunlight in areas of the jungle, forcing the species to find alternative sources of energy.

- A sweet scent, often comparable to peaches, is produced when a Stalk is following prey. The stronger the smell, the more Stalks are present in the area.

- Smoke is a well-known method of warding off Stalks, as they fear the smell of it.

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