Solsynth Dragons are creatures found in the Shop for 2000Silver per egg. They were released during the Summer 2016 Seasonal Release, and are the Summer 2016 seasonal creature.

Descriptions Edit

Egg Edit

This prickly egg turns a vivid green when you hold it out in the sunlight.

Hatchling Edit

A pale serpentine creature has hatched from the egg! It doesn't seem to move very much...

Mature Hatchling Edit

You've discovered that the creature becomes significantly more animated in the sun, and ever since you started taking it outside for daily sunbaths, it's grown much bigger!

Adult Edit

Solsynth Dragons are a fairly interesting species of reptile who absolutely adore warm temperatures and basking in the sun. In fact, the entirety of their sustenance comes from the magic in the sun's rays. Being self-sufficient, Solsynth Dragons soak this magic up and use it to keep their bodies running, similar to the way plants use photosynthesis. While the energy courses through their veins, it causes their scales to become painted in brilliant shades of green and yellow. However, because Solsynth Dragons can only maintain this magic within themselves for short periods of time, the color drains from their scales when the sun goes down and they remain fairly inactive during the dark hours of each day.

Sprites Edit

Gender Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Type
Icon genders
Solsynth dragon egg
Solsynth dragon s1
Solsynth dragon day s2
Solsynth dragon day adult
Solsynth dragon night s2
Solsynth dragon night adult
xxBurningxx's Oddity
Icon genders
Solsynth dragon noxynth egg
Solsynth dragon noxynth s1
Solsynth dragon noxynth day s2
Solsynth dragon noxynth day adult
Noxynth Day
Solsynth dragon noxynth night s2
Solsynth dragon noxynth night adult
Noxynth Night

Hatching sequence Edit

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Type
Solsynth dragon egg
Solsynth dragon egg1
Solsynth dragon egg2
Solsynth dragon egg3
Solsynth dragon egg4
Solsynth dragon noxynth egg
Solsynth dragon noxynth egg1
Solsynth dragon noxynth egg2
Solsynth dragon noxynth egg3
Solsynth dragon noxynth egg4
Noxynth (xxBurningxx's Oddity)

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