Sintera Tombs is a special biome. It is where the Grave Digging daily action is performed, and has a place to summon skeleton creatures.

Description Edit

A chilling breeze blows past, you turn to shield yourself from the cold and are met with a large iron gate. You've traveled this path many times, but you cannot recall seeing the passage before. Interest piqued, you approach and peer through the iron bars. You see a vast graveyard filled with crypts, oddly almost every one seems to have been disturbed. Realization dawns on you as you read the name on the gate: The Sintera Tombs. Everyone's heard the rumors of the cursed cemetery, it is said those willing to pillage the decrepit graves, build a full skeleton from the remains and embrace the dark magics flooding through this strange land will be able to bring a creature back from the depths of the afterlife.

Ressurection Site Edit

While on the Sintera Tombs page, there is a link all the way at the bottom which takes the user to the Summoning location, to resurrect a skeleton.

Creatures summoned here will have the Sintera Tombs location as their biome.

Description Edit

With your arms full of bones you approach a quiet, secluded area of the graveyard. Unsure of what to do next you begin to lay the bones in the shape of a creature, as you are about to place the last bone a voice speaks in your mind...

Spirits of the ancient realm heed my call,
By the universal elements that I command, I rip you from your limbo,
I resurrect your consciousness, your primal instinct and will to survive,
Rise up and obey, break through the mortal gate and walk once more.
By Sintera's will it shall be done.

Chills run down your spine as you realize this must be the long lost resurrection spell. Once you speak the incantation there will be no turning back...

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