Potion Alts are creatures that have alternate forms or colourations that can be obtained with special items sold in the Apothecary.

Alternate forms Edit

Name Normal form Alternate form Alternate form name Potion
Birb adult
Birb ribbon adult
Ribbon Birb
Red-Eyed Birb
Birb redeye adult
Birb redeye ribbon adult
Red-Eyed Ribbon Birb
Coffee Dragon
Coffee dragon adult
Coffee dragon iced adult
Iced Coffee Dragon
Iced coffee cup
Non-Magical Enchanted Plushie
Enchanted plushie non-magical adult
Enchanted plushie air adult
Air Enchanted Plushie
Enchanted plushie earth adult
Earth Enchanted Plushie
Enchanted plushie fire adult
Fire Enchanted Plushie
Enchanted plushie water adult
Water Enchanted Plushie
Enchanted plushie light adult
Light Enchanted Plushie
Enchanted plushie dark adult
Dark Enchanted Plushie
Enchanted plushie ice adult
Ice Enchanted Plushie
Enchanted plushie psy adult
Psy Enchanted Plushie
Enchanted plushie electric adult
Electric Enchanted Plushie
Molten Fenn
Fenn molten adult
Fenn hallowed adult
Hallowed Fenn
Frankincense potion
Glacienne Moth
Glacienne moth adult
Candycane moth adult
Candycane Moth
Peppermint elixir
Jet Jewelviper
Jewelviper jet adult
Jewelviper electric adult
Electric Jewelviper
Rainbow potion
Jewelviper flame adult
Flame Jewelviper
Jewelviper marbled adult
Marbled Jewelviper
Jewelviper ocean adult
Ocean Jewelviper
Jewelviper patched adult
Patched Jewelviper
Jewelviper regal adult
Regal Jewelviper
Jewelviper verdant adult
Verdant Jewelviper
Pogolon adult
Pogolon epic adult
Epic Pogolon
Epic pogolon potion
Pogolon festive adult
Festive Pogolon
Festive potion
Ash Rat
Snow Rat
Black Velvet Rat
Rat ash femaleRat ash male
Rat snow femaleRat snow male
Rat black velvet femaleRat black velvet male
Rat blue toxic female
Rat blue toxic male
Blue Toxic Rat
Rat poison
Rat orange toxic female
Rat orange toxic male
Orange Toxic Rat
Rat purple toxic female
Rat purple toxic male
Purple Toxic Rat
Rat mutated female
Rat mutated male
Mutated Rat
Ryukoi adult
Ryukoi ascended
Ascended Ryukoi
Ryukoi pearl
Ryukoi adult
Ryukoi ascended
Ryukoi frost adult
Ryukoi frost ascended
Frost Ryukoi
Essence of Frost
Salamander adult
Icymander adult
Frigid potion
Tiny Salamander
Salamander tiny adult
Icymander tiny adult
Tiny Icymander

Note: only the adult forms are shown. Potion alts may also have alternate hatchling and egg forms.

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