Tales of Ostlea first opened to the public on the 8th of October, 2015, at 3pm EST, with several creatures available to collect. This release is referred to as the Opening Day Release.

Release announcement Edit

Hey everyone! I'd like to welcome you all to Ostlea! It's been a long wait, but I think it's been worth it, hopefully you'll like what you see. I just have a few things I'd like to address.

Bug/Gliches and Exploitation: We're a new site as you all know so we're bound to have some issues so I'm asking that you please report them when you find them and if you find something exploitable report it directly to me, you will be rewarded.  We're also still in the process of tweaking some things so please bear with us.

Newbie Guide: Im afraid I didn't get to finish it in time, so please take advantage of our help forum should you get lost or confused and I'll finish the guide as soon as I am able to!

Things to Come: We have some plans for a Battle System, new areas, summoning features, and Mini Games for you all to look forward to in the (hopefully) near future, in the meantime there's plenty of beautiful creatures for you to collect!

Interested in working on Ostlea? Message me, tell me about yourself, your skills, and some examples and we'll talk.

That's about it. Thank you all for joining and I hope you have fun!

Creatures Edit

Creature Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Ailura (Glacial)
Ailura glacial egg
Ailura glacial s1
Ailura glacial s2
Ailura glacial adult
Ailura (Obsidian)
Ailura obsidian egg
Ailura obsidian s1
Ailura obsidian s2
Ailura obsidian adult
Ailura (Riparian)
Ailura riparian egg
Ailura riparian s1
Ailura riparian s2
Ailura riparian adult
Anghirro Fish (Radiant)
Anghirro fish egg
Anghirro fish s1
Anghirro fish radiant s2
Anghirro fish radiant adult
Anghirro Fish (Striatos)
Anghirro fish striatos s2
Anghirro fish striatos adult
Anghirro Fish (Umbral)
Anghirro fish umbral s2
Anghirro fish umbral adult
Avari Dragon (Azure)
Avari dragon egg
Avari dragon s1
Avari dragon azure s2
Avari dragon azure adult
Avari Dragon (Celadon)
Avari dragon celadon s2
Avari dragon celadon adult
Avari Dragon (Crimson)
Avari dragon crimson s2
Avari dragon crimson adult
Avari Dragon (Gold)
Avari dragon gold s2
Avari dragon gold adult
Avari Dragon (Teal)
Avari dragon teal s2
Avari dragon teal adult
Coffee Dragon
Coffee dragon egg
Coffee dragon s1
Coffee dragon s2
Coffee dragon adult
Enchanted Plushie (Air)
Enchanted plushie egg
Enchanted plushie air s1
Enchanted plushie air s2
Enchanted plushie air adult
Enchanted Plushie (Dark)
Enchanted plushie dark s1
Enchanted plushie dark s2
Enchanted plushie dark adult
Enchanted Plushie (Earth)
Enchanted plushie earth s1
Enchanted plushie earth s2
Enchanted plushie earth adult
Enchanted Plushie (Electric)
Enchanted plushie electric s1
Enchanted plushie electric s2
Enchanted plushie electric adult
Enchanted Plushie (Fire)
Enchanted plushie fire s1
Enchanted plushie fire s2
Enchanted plushie fire adult
Enchanted Plushie (Ice)
Enchanted plushie ice s1
Enchanted plushie ice s2
Enchanted plushie ice adult
Enchanted Plushie (Light)
Enchanted plushie light s1
Enchanted plushie light s2
Enchanted plushie light adult
Enchanted Plushie (Non-Magical)
Enchanted plushie non-magical s1
Enchanted plushie non-magical s2
Enchanted plushie non-magical adult
Enchanted Plushie (Psy)
Enchanted plushie psy s1
Enchanted plushie psy s2
Enchanted plushie psy adult
Enchanted Plushie (Water)
Enchanted plushie water s1
Enchanted plushie water s2
Enchanted plushie water adult
Fenn (Hallowed)
Fenn molten egg
Fenn hallowed s1
Fenn hallowed s2
Fenn hallowed adult
Fenn (Molten)
Fenn molten s1
Fenn molten s2
Fenn molten adult
Gemeater Bat (Amethyst)
Gemeater bat egg
Gemeater bat amethyst s1
Gemeater bat amethyst s2
Gemeater bat amethyst adult
Gemeater Bat (Aquamarine)
Gemeater bat aquamarine s1
Gemeater bat aquamarine s2
Gemeater bat aquamarine adult
Gemeater Bat (Citrine)
Gemeater bat citrine s1
Gemeater bat citrine s2
Gemeater bat citrine adult
Gemeater Bat (Hematite)
Gemeater bat hematite s1
Gemeater bat hematite s2
Gemeater bat hematite adult
Gemeater Bat (Malachite)
Gemeater bat malachite s1
Gemeater bat malachite s2
Gemeater bat malachite adult
Gemeater Bat (Rhodonite)
Gemeater bat rhodonite s1
Gemeater bat rhodonite s2
Gemeater bat rhodonite adult
Gemeater Bat (Ruby)
Gemeater bat ruby s1
Gemeater bat ruby s2
Gemeater bat ruby adult
Gemeater Bat (Sapphire)
Gemeater bat sapphire s1
Gemeater bat sapphire s2
Gemeater bat sapphire adult
Gemeater Bat (Sardonyx)
Gemeater bat sardonyx s1
Gemeater bat sardonyx s2
Gemeater bat sardonyx adult
Gemeater Bat (Smoky Quartz)
Gemeater bat smoky quartz s1
Gemeater bat smoky quartz s2
Gemeater bat smoky quartz adult
Glacienne Moth
Glacienne moth egg
Glacienne moth s1
Glacienne moth s2
Glacienne moth adult
Golden Longma
Longma golden egg
Longma golden s1
Longma golden s2
Longma golden adult
Great Red Drasces
Great red drasces egg
Great red drasces s1
Great red drasces s2
Great red drasces adult
Interstellar Dragon
Interstellar dragon egg
Interstellar dragon s1
Interstellar dragon s2
Interstellar dragon adult
Jewelviper (Electric)
Jewelviper egg
Jewelviper electric s1
Jewelviper electric adult
Jewelviper (Flame)
Jewelviper flame s1
Jewelviper flame adult
Jewelviper (Jet)
Jewelviper jet s1
Jewelviper jet adult
Jewelviper (Marbled)
Jewelviper marbled s1
Jewelviper marbled adult
Jewelviper (Ocean)
Jewelviper ocean s1
Jewelviper ocean adult
Jewelviper (Patched)
Jewelviper patched s1
Jewelviper patched adult
Jewelviper (Regal)
Jewelviper regal s1
Jewelviper regal adult
Jewelviper (Verdant)
Jewelviper verdant s1
Jewelviper verdant adult
Microraptor egg
Microraptor s1
Microraptor s2 female
Microraptor s2 male
Microraptor female
Microraptor male
Mistwanderer egg
Mistwanderer s1
Mistwanderer s2
Mistwanderer adult
Phantasm Feline
Phantasm feline egg
Phantasm feline s1
Phantasm feline s2
Phantasm feline adult
Pogolon egg
Pogolon s1
Pogolon s2
Pogolon adult
Pogolon (Epic)
Pogolon epic egg
Pogolon epic s1
Pogolon epic s2
Pogolon epic adult
Royal-Winged Ray
Royal-winged ray egg
Royal-winged ray s1
Royal-winged ray s2
Royal-winged ray adult
Royal-Winged Ray (Rose)
Royal-winged ray rose s1
Royal-winged ray rose s2
Royal-winged ray adult
Ryukoi egg
Ryukoi s1
Ryukoi s2
Ryukoi adult
Ryukoi (Ascended)
Ryukoi ascended
Salamander egg
Salamander s1
Salamander s2
Salamander adult
Salamander (Tiny)
Salamander tiny s1
Salamander tiny s2
Salamander tiny adult
Silver Chupacabra
Silver chupacabra egg
Silver chupacabra s1
Silver chupacabra s2
Silver chupacabra adult
Wendigo egg
Wendigo s1
Wendigo s2 female
Wendigo s2 male
Wendigo female
Wendigo male
Will o' the Wisp (Blue)
Will o the wisp egg
Will o the wisp blue s1
Will o the wisp blue s2
Will o the wisp blue adult
Will o' the Wisp (Red)
Will o the wisp red s1
Will o the wisp red s2
Will o the wisp red adult
Will o' the Wisp (Yellow)
Will o the wisp yellow s1
Will o the wisp yellow s2
Will o the wisp yellow adult

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