Oddities are special colourations of creatures which are given to their creators. They are sometimes known as Spriter's Alts, despite being available not only to spriters, but also to other people involved in their creation.

Occasions Edit

In the past, not all creatures could have oddities. They were only given for certain occasions. These were usually holidays or donation pets, but some other occasions may also have been given oddities. An example of such an occasion is the site opening, where each artist with on-site work at opening was allowed to make an oddity for one of their released creatures.

As of July 2016 however, the system for giving out Oddities has changed. Staff contributing to the site are now given points for each of their contributions, which they can then exchange for Oddities. Some sprites have made it possible for fellow staff members to acquire lairborn versions of their creations' oddities, which is why staff members may have lairborn oddities which were originally exclusive to another staff member.

Breeding Edit

It is possible for Lairborn oddities to breed true, although the chance is very small. Oddity offspring can never create more oddities. Therefore, the owners of the oddities always have full control over what happens with the offspring of their oddities.

Site Opening Oddities Edit

Spriters who were staff at the time of the site's opening, but did not have any creatures in the Opening Day Release, got their Site Opening oddities at a later date. In this list, these alts are marked with a *.

Creature Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Oddity Name Original Owner(s)
Coffee Dragon
Coffee dragon black egg
Coffee dragon black s1
Coffee dragon black s2
Coffee dragon black adult
Black Coffee Dragon Infinis
Coffee dragon irish egg
Coffee dragon irish s1
Coffee dragon irish s2
Coffee dragon irish adult
Irish Coffee Dragon Mochiccino
Fenn ash egg
Fenn ash s1
Fenn ash s2
Fenn ash adult
Ash Fenn Infinis
Lava Dink*
Lava dink egg
Lava dink selenium s1
Lava dink selenium s2
Lava dink selenium adult
Selenium Lava Dink Invincible (with Gryffi having been gifted a LB set)
Ryukoi yin egg
Ryukoi yin s1
Ryukoi yin s2
Ryukoi yin adult
Ryukoi yin ascended
Yin Ryukoi Rhynn
Salamander ifrimander s1
Salamander ifrimander s2
Salamander ifrimander adult
Ifrimander ZioCorvid
Tiny Salamander
Salamander tiny ifrimander s1
Salamander tiny ifrimander s2
Salamander tiny ifrimander adult
Tiny Ifrimander
Royal-Winged Ray
Royal-winged ray gilded egg
Royal-winged ray gilded s1
Royal-winged ray gilded s2
Royal-winged ray gilded adult
Gilded Royal-Winged Ray Amphyrre

Donation Oddities Edit

Creature Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Oddity Name Original Owner(s)
Ephalump goshenite egg
Ephalump goshenite s1
Ephalump goshenite s2
Ephalump goshenite adult
Goshenite Ephalump skwerl56767
Iniglla Wyvern
Iniglla wyvern azure egg
Iniglla wyvern azure s1
Iniglla wyvern azure s2
Iniglla wyvern azure adult
Azure Iniglla Wyvern ZioCorvid
Interstellar Dragon
Interstellar dragon deep field s1
Interstellar dragon deep field s2
Interstellar dragon deep field adult
Deep Field Interstellar Dragon Infinis
Nightmare white s1
Nightmare white night s2
Nightmare white night adult
White Nightmare Infinis
Nyskra morningplume egg
Nyskra morningplume s1
Nyskra morningplume s2 female
Nyskra morningplume s2 male
Nyskra morningplume female
Nyskra morningplume male
Morningplume Nyskra Amphyrre
Nyskra wintertip egg
Nyskra wintertip s1
Nyskra wintertip s2 female
Nyskra wintertip s2 male
Nyskra wintertip female
Nyskra wintertip male
Wintertip Nyskra Spatio
Temporal Chryax
Temporal chryax corsair egg
Temporal chryax corsair s1
Temporal chryax corsair s2
Temporal chryax corsair adult female

Temporal chryax corsair adult male
Corsair Temporal Chryax xxBurningxx
Temporal chryax hamearis egg
Temporal chryax hamearis s1
Temporal chryax hamearis s2
Temporal chryax hamearis adult female

Temporal chryax hamearis adult male
Hamearis Temporal Chryax ZioCorvid
Valierawolf imim lefen egg
Valierawolf imim lefen s1
Valierawolf imim lefen s2
Valierawolf imim lefen adult
Imim Lefen Valierawolf Gryffi
Valierawolf imim berain egg
Valierawolf imim berain s1
Valierawolf imim berain s2
Valierawolf imim berain adult
Imim Berain Valierawolf Rhynn
White Forest Draught
Forest draught grey s1
Forest draught grey s2
Forest draught grey adult
Grey Forest Draught Infinis

Holiday Oddities Edit

Creature Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Oddity Name Original Owner(s)
Boogie Boo
Boogie boo toxic egg
Boogie boo toxic s1
Boogie boo toxic s2 female
Boogie boo toxic s2 male
Boogie boo toxic female
Boogie boo toxic male
Toxic Boo Mochiccino
Boogie boo shadow egg
Boogie boo shadow s1
Boogie boo shadow s2 female
Boogie boo shadow s2 male
Boogie boo shadow female
Boogie boo shadow male
Shadow Boo Rhynn
Hellaios mistsong s1
Hellaios mistsong s2 female
Hellaios mistsong s2 male
Hellaios mistsong female
Hellaios mistsong male
Mistsong Hellaios Amphyrre
Hellaios black s1
Hellaios black s2 female
Hellaios black s2 male
Hellaios black female
Hellaios black male
Black Hellaios Spatio
Lepin cherry egg
Lepin cherry s1
Lepin cherry s2
Lepin cherry adult
Cherry Lepin MonstrHugger
Lepin oriole egg
Lepin oriole s1
Lepin oriole s2
Lepin oriole adult
Oriole Lepin Novadragon
Loveslug serendipitous egg
Loveslug serendipitous s1
Loveslug serendipitous s2
Loveslug serendipitous adult
Serendipitous Loveslug xxBurningxx
Loveslug gaian egg
Loveslug gaian s1
Loveslug gaian s2
Loveslug gaian adult
Gaian Loveslug Spatio
Shelled Duckle
Shelled duckle mallard egg
Shelled duckle mallard s1
Shelled duckle mallard s2
Shelled duckle mallard adult
Mallard Shelled Duckle Amphyrre
Shelled Rexling
Shelled rexling dark egg
Shelled rexling dark s1
Shelled rexling dark s2
Shelled rexling dark adult
Dark Shelled Rexling Rhynn
Shelled Sheeplet
Shelled sheeplet suffolk egg
Shelled sheeplet suffolk s1
Shelled sheeplet suffolk s2
Shelled sheeplet suffolk female
Shelled sheeplet suffolk male
Suffolk Shelled Sheeplet ewe
Spider Silk
Spider silk nightshade egg
Spider silk nightshade s1
Spider silk nightshade s2
Spider silk nightshade adult
Nightshade Silk Lycanious
Sus unholy egg
Sus unholy night s1
Sus unholy night s2
Sus unholy night adult
Unholy Sus Infinis
Teruteru terururu s1
Teruteru terururu s2
Teruteru terururu female
Teruteru terururu male
Terururu ZioCorvid
Winter Rangifer
Rangifer boreal egg
Rangifer boreal s1
Rangifer boreal s2
Rangifer boreal female
Rangifer boreal male
Boreal Rangifer ZioCorvid

Other Oddities Edit

Creature Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Oddity Name Original Owner(s)
Rat nemesis egg
Rat nemesis s1
Rat nemesis s2
Rat nemesis female
Rat nemesis male
Nemesis Rat Rhynn
Solsynth Dragon
Solsynth dragon noxynth egg
Solsynth dragon noxynth s1
Solsynth dragon noxynth day s2
Solsynth dragon noxynth day adult
Noxynth Dragon xxBurningxx
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