The March 2016 Seasonal Release happened on the 2nd of March, 2016. It was a day late, having been intended to start on March 1st. Because of this, the end date for the seasonal was set at April 1st, instead of the expected March 31st.

The last of the Enchanted Plushie variations was released today, the Pastel Plushie. A potion for the Rats was also released, the Rat Poison, heralding the release of the Toxic Rat variations.

Release Announcement Edit

New discoveries have been made in the world of Ostlea!

The Enchanted Plushie’s final cousin has arrived in the Menagerie! Once again the eggs will be sold for 700 silver each and like the other holiday plushes they will be sold all month long and be removed on April 1st at 11:59 PM when they will disappear until next Easter! Get them while you can!

In other news there is a new item being stocked in the Apothecary! It seems some of the locals have been complaining about the recent infestation of rats in Ostlea, unfortunately for them these rats seem to be immune to their little solution, though it does cause some interesting changes… Hrm. I wonder how it'll affect breeding…

Creatures Edit

Creature Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Pastel Plushie
Plushie pastel egg
Plushie pastel s1
Plushie pastel s2
Plushie pastel adult
Blue Toxic Rat
Rat blue toxic egg
Rat blue toxic s1
Rat blue toxic s2
Rat blue toxic female
Rat blue toxic male
Orange Toxic Rat
Rat orange toxic egg
Rat orange toxic s1
Rat orange toxic s2
Rat orange toxic female
Rat orange toxic male
Purple Toxic Rat
Rat purple toxic egg
Rat purple toxic s1
Rat purple toxic s2
Rat purple toxic female
Rat purple toxic male
Mutated Rat
Rat mutated egg
Rat mutated s1
Rat mutated s2
Rat mutated female
Rat mutated male
Hybrid Rat (only one version shown, many variations exist)
Rat winter sunset egg
Rat mutated s1
Rat winter sunset s2
Rat winter sunset female
Rat winter sunset male

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