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|[[Halloween 2017]]
|[[Halloween 2017]]
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If a creature is not listed on this page, it is may still be in the process of being released. Please wait a few days for it to show up! In the meantime, check out the Current Release page.

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Very Common

Name Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Notes Biome(s)
Ash Rat
Rat ash egg
Rat ash s1
Rat ash s2
Rat ash female
Rat ash male
Mt. Ekoh
Lyzta's Jungle
Elegema Forest
Will o' the Wisp
Will o the wisp egg
Will o the wisp blue s1
Will o the wisp blue s2
Will o the wisp blue adult
Only at night. Blue variant shown All biomes
Snow Rat
Rat snow egg
Rat snow s1
Rat snow s2
Rat snow female
Rat snow male
Sunanie Glacier
Mystic Caverns
Scylla's Cove


Name Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Notes Biome(s)
Ailura riparian egg
Ailura riparian s1
Ailura riparian s2
Ailura riparian adult
Riparian variant shown Elegema Forest
Sunanie Glacier
Mt. Ekoh
Anghirro Fish
Anghirro fish egg
Anghirro fish s1
Anghirro fish radiant s2
Anghirro fish radiant adult
Radiant variant shown Elegema Forest
Avari Dragon
Avari dragon egg
Avari dragon s1
Avari dragon azure s2
Avari dragon azure adult
Azure Variant Shown All biomes
Birb egg
Birb s1
Birb s2
Birb adult
White-eyed variant shown All biomes
Bloodred Hummingbird
Bloodred Hummingbird egg
Bloodred Hummingbird s1
Bloodred Hummingbird s2
Bloodred Hummingbird adult
Elegema Forest
Feli egg
Feli s1
Feli s2
Feli adult
White Variant shown Elegema Forest
Forest Draught
Forest draught clyde egg
Forest draught clyde s1
Forest draught clyde s2
Forest draught clyde adult
Normal variant shown Elegema Forest
Gemeater Bat
Gemeater bat egg
Gemeater bat hematite s1
Gemeater bat hematite s2
Gemeater bat hematite adult
Hematite variant shown Mystic Caverns
Gemswallow Snake
Gemswallow snake egg
Gemswallow snake s1
Gemswallow snake s2
Gemswallow snake adult
Mystic Caverns
Glacienne Moth
Glacienne moth egg
Glacienne moth s1
Glacienne moth s2
Glacienne moth adult
Has potion alt Sunanie Glacier
Lava Dink
Lava dink egg
Lava dink hydrocarbon s1
Lava dink hydrocarbon s2
Lava dink hydrocarbon adult
Hydrocarbon variant shown Mt. Ekoh
Mystic Caverns
Microraptor egg
Microraptor s1
Microraptor s2 female
Microraptor s2 male
Microraptor female
Microraptor male
Elegema Forest
Lyzta's Jungle
Moss Back Rabbit
Moss back rabbit egg
Moss back rabbit s1
Moss back rabbit s2 female
Moss back rabbit s2 male
Moss back rabbit female
Moss back rabbit male
Elegema Forest
Notter egg
Notter s1
Notter s2
Notter adult
Elegema Forest
Octoplushie egg
Octoplushie s1
Octoplushie s2
Octoplushie adult
All biomes
Otter egg
Otter s1
Otter s2
Otter adult f
Otter adult m
Elegema Forest
Lyzta's Jungle
Pogolon egg
Pogolon s1
Pogolon s2
Pogolon adult
Has potion alt Elegema Forest
Reaver Wyvern
Reaver wyvern egg
Reaver wyvern s1
Reaver wyvern s2
Reaver wyvern adult
Mt. Ekoh
Salamander egg
Salamander s1
Salamander s2
Salamander adult
Normal variation shown Mt. Ekoh
Tenos egg
Tenos s1
Tenos adult
Scylla's Cove
Tundra Squirrel
Tundra squirrel egg
Tundra squirrel s1
Tundra squirrel s2
Tundra squirrel female
Tundra squirrel male
Sunanie Glacier
Vexatious Gryphon
Vexatious Gryphon egg
Vexatious Gryphon s1
Vexatious Gryphon s2
Vexatious Gryphon adult
Mystic Caverns
Yena egg
Yena s1
Yena s2
Yena adult
Mystic Caverns
Wotter egg
Wotter s1
Wotter s2
Wotter adult
Scylla's Cove


Name Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Notes Biome(s)
Cavern Catoblepas
Cavern Catoblepas egg
Cavern Catoblepas s1
Cavern Catoblepas s2
Cavern Catoblepas adult
Mystic Caverns
Coffee Dragon
Coffee dragon egg
Coffee dragon s1
Coffee dragon s2
Coffee dragon adult
Lyzta's Jungle
Creptys Dragon
Creptys Dragon egg
Creptys Dragon s1
Creptys Dragon s2
Creptys Dragon adult
Mystic Caverns
Deeplake Wyrm
Deeplake Wyrm Egg
Deeplake Wyrm s1
Deeplake Wyrm s2
Deeplake Wyrm Adult
Scylla's Cove
Galagaloo egg
Galagaloo s1
Galagaloo s2
Galagaloo adult
Normal variant shown Elegema Forest
Lyzta's Jungle
Glacial Nankori
Glacial Nankori egg
Glacial Nankori s1
Glacial Nankori s2
Glacial Nankori adult
Sunanie Glacier
Great Red Drasces
Great red drasces egg
Great red drasces s1
Great red drasces s2
Great red drasces adult
Night only Scylla's Cove
Hellspawn Jelly
Hellspawn jelly egg
Hellspawn jelly s1
Hellspawn jelly s2
Hellspawn jelly adult
Scylla's Cove
Knucker egg
Knucker s1
Knucker s2 f
Knucker s2 m
Knucker adult f
Knucker adult m
Mystic Caverns
Magma Moray
Magma moray egg
Magma moray s1
Magma moray s2
Magma moray adult female
Magma moray adult male
Mt. Ekoh
Mistwanderer egg
Mistwanderer s1
Mistwanderer s2
Mistwanderer adult
Mystic Caverns
Lyzta's Jungle
Sunanie Glacier
Elegema Forest
Scylla's Cove
Phantasm Feline
Phantasm feline egg
Phantasm feline s1
Phantasm feline s2
Phantasm feline adult
Sunanie Glacier
Elegema Forest
Royal-Winged Ray
Royal-winged ray egg
Royal-winged ray s1
Royal-winged ray s2
Royal-winged ray adult
Dark variant shown Scylla's Cove
Ryukoi egg
Ryukoi s1
Ryukoi s2
Ryukoi adult
Has potion alt Scylla's Cove
Shell Piercer
Shell piercer egg
Shell piercer s1
Shell piercer s2 female
Shell piercer s2 male
Shell piercer male
Shell piercer female
Scylla's Cove
Silver Chupacabra
Silver chupacabra egg
Silver chupacabra s1
Silver chupacabra s2
Silver chupacabra adult
Elegema Forest
Shimmerling egg
Shimmerling s1
Shimmerling s2 female
Shimmerling s2 male
Shimmerling female
Shimmerling male
Lyzta's Jungle
Snowstepper egg
Snowstepper s1
Snowstepper s2
Snowstepper adult
Sunanie Glacier
Skullini egg
Skullini s1
Skullini night s2
Skullini adult night
Has potion alt. Night Variant shown Scylla's Cove
Soot-backed Lindwurm
Soot-Backed Lindwurm egg
Soot-Backed Lindwurm s1
Soot-Backed Lindwurm s2
Soot-Backed Lindwurm adult
Mt. Ekoh
Squimp egg
Squimp s1
Squimp s2
Squimp adult
Lyzta's Jungle
Stalk egg
Stalk s1
Stalk s2
Stalk adult
Lyzta's Jungle
Waldbush Gryphon
Waldbush Gryphon egg
Waldbush Gryphon s1
Waldbush Gryphon s2
Waldbush Gryphon adult
Lyzta's Jungle


Name Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Notes Biome(s)
Aucusto Statue
Aucusto statue egg
Aucusto statue s1
Aucusto statue s2
Aucusto statue adult
Lyzta's Jungle
Cryptic Gryphon
Cryptic gryphon egg
Cryptic gryphon s1
Cryptic gryphon s2
Cryptic gryphon adult
Sunanie Glacier
Fenn molten egg
Fenn molten s1
Fenn molten s2
Fenn molten adult
Has potion alt Mt. Ekoh
Golden Longma
Longma golden egg
Longma golden s1
Longma golden s2
Longma golden adult
Elegema Forest
Lyzta's Jungle
Haven Turtle
Haven turtle egg
Haven turtle s1
Haven turtle s2
Haven turtle adult
Scylla's Cove
Shirma Serpen
Shirma Serpen egg
Shirma Serpen s1
Shirma Serpen s2
Shirma Serpen adult
Lyzta's Jungle
Sylphikampos egg
Sylphikampos s1
Sylphikampos s2
Sylphikampos adult f
Sylphikampos adult m
Scylla's Cove
Scylla's Cove


Shop creatures can be purchased infinitely, so they do not have a defined rarity like other creatures.

Name Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Notes Price
Apology Raptor
Microraptor egg
Apologyraptor s1
Apologyraptor s2 female
Apologyraptor s2 male
Apologyraptor female
Apologyraptor male
Black Velvet Rat
Rat black velvet egg
Rat black velvet s1
Rat black velvet s2
Rat black velvet female
Rat black velvet male
Clover nathair
Clover nathair egg
Clover nathair s1
Clover nathair s2
Clover nathair adult
Spring Seasonal 1500Silver
Dixie egg
Dixie s1
Dixie s2
Dixie adult
Enchanted Plushie
Enchanted plushie egg
Enchanted plushie non-magical s1
Enchanted plushie non-magical s2
Enchanted plushie non-magical adult
Normal variant shown 1000Silver
Flapjack Stingray
Flapjack Stingray egg
Flapjack Stingray s1
Flapjack Stingray s2
Flapjack Stingray
Galaxy Dog
Galaxy dog egg
Galaxy dog s1
Galaxy dog s2
Galaxy dog adult
Gemeater Bat
Gemeater bat egg
Gemeater bat aquamarine s1
Gemeater bat aquamarine s2
Gemeater bat aquamarine adult
Aquamarine variant 1000Silver
Gemeater Bat
Gemeater bat egg
Gemeater bat rhodonite s1
Gemeater bat rhodonite s2
Gemeater bat rhodonite adult
Rhodonite variant 1000Silver
Jewelviper egg
Jewelviper jet s1
Jewelviper jet adult
Has potion alts 3000Silver
Mayura Enigma
Mayura enigma egg
Mayura enigma s1
Mayura enigma s2 female
Mayura enigma s2 male
Mayura enigma female
Mayura enigma male
Solsynth Dragon
Solsynth dragon egg
Solsynth dragon s1
Solsynth dragon day s2
Solsynth dragon day adult
Day variant shown 2000Silver
Storm Herald
Storm herald egg
Storm herald s1
Storm herald s2 female
Storm herald s2 male
Storm herald female
Storm herald male
Wading Lantwing
Wading Lantwing copper egg
Wading Lantwing copper s1
Wading Lantwing copper s2
Wading Lantwing copper adult
Copper variant shown 700Silver
Wendigo egg
Wendigo s1
Wendigo s2 female
Wendigo s2 male
Wendigo female
Wendigo male
Fall Seasonal 2000Silver

Donation Creatures

Name Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Notes Price
Cariodale egg
Cariodale adult
Fall Seasonal 1Crystal
Ephalump egg
Ephalump s1
Ephalump s2
Ephalump adult
Inferno Garou
Inferno Garou egg
Inferno Garou s1
Inferno Garou s2
Inferno Garou adult
Iniglla Wyvern
Iniglla wyvern egg
Iniglla wyvern s1
Iniglla wyvern s2
Iniglla wyvern adult
Interstellar Dragon
Interstellar dragon egg
Interstellar dragon s1
Interstellar dragon s2
Interstellar dragon adult
Nightmare egg
Nightmare s1
Nightmare night s2
Nightmare night adult
Nue egg
Nue s1
Nue s2
Nue adult
Nyskra egg
Nyskra s1
Nyskra s2 female
Nyskra s2 male
Nyskra female
Nyskra male
Orovulpe Foxsnake
Orovulpe Foxsnake egg
Orovulpe Foxsnake s1
Orovulpe Foxsnake s2
Orovulpe Foxsnake adult
Simhuang egg
Simhuang s1
Simhuang s2
Simhuang adult
Slymdra egg
Slymdra s1
Slymdra s2
Slymdra adult
Temporal Chryax
Temporal chryax egg
Temporal chryax s1
Temporal chryax s2
Temporal chryax female
Temporal chryax male
Valierawolf egg
Valierawolf s1
Valierawolf s2
Valierawolf adult
White Forest Draught
Forest draught white egg
Forest draught white s1
Forest draught white s2
Forest draught white adult


Holiday creatures are only available around their respective holiday.

Valentine's Day

Name Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Loveslug egg
Loveslug s1
Loveslug s2
Loveslug adult
Valentine's Day 2016
Abhorrent Fox
Abhorrent Fox
Abhorrent Fox 2
Abhorrent Fox 3
Abhorrent Fox 4 Female
Abhorrent Fox 4 Male
Valentine's Day 2017
Amorous Fox
Amorous Fox
Abhorrent Fox 2
Amorous Fox 3
Amorous Fox 4
Valentine's Day 2017
Apilea bee
Apilea bee egg
Apilea bee s1
Apilea bee s2
Apilea bee adult
Valentine's Day 2018


Name Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Lepin egg
Lepin s1
Lepin s2
Lepin adult
Easter 2016
Polychroma Aurora
Polychroma aurora egg
Polychroma aurora hatch1
Polychroma aurora female hatch2
Polychroma aurora male hatch2
Polychroma aurora female
Polychroma aurora male
Easter 2017
Munchie egg
Munchie s1
Munchie s2
Munchie adult bun
Easter 2018 Bun variant shown

Spring Festival

Name Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Shelled Duckle
Shelled duckle egg
Shelled duckle s1
Shelled duckle s2
Shelled duckle adult
Spring Festival 2016
Shelled Rexling
Shelled rexling egg
Shelled rexling s1
Shelled rexling s2
Shelled rexling adult
Spring Festival 2016
Shelled Sheeplet
Shelled sheeplet egg
Shelled sheeplet s1
Shelled sheeplet s2
Shelled sheeplet female
Shelled sheeplet male
Spring Festival 2016
Shelled Tortoise
Shelled Tortoise egg
Shelled Tortoise s1
Shelled Tortoise s2 f
Shelled Tortoise s2 m
Shelled Tortoise adult f
Shelled Tortoise adult m
Spring Festival 2018
Shelled Spook
Shelled Spook egg
Shelled Spook s1
Shelled Spook s2
Shelled Spook
Spring Festival 2017


Name Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Boogie Boo
Boogie boo egg
Boogie boo s1
Boogie boo s2 female
Boogie boo s2 male
Boogie boo female
Boogie boo male
Halloween 2015 Quest
Hellaios egg
Hellaios s1
Hellaios s2 female
Hellaios s2 male
Hellaios female
Hellaios male
Halloween 2015
Sus egg
Sus night s1
Sus night s2
Sus night adult
Halloween 2015
Teruteru egg
Teruteru s1
Teruteru s2
Teruteru female
Teruteru male
Halloween 2015 Shop
Spider Silk
Spider silk egg
Spider silk s1
Spider silk s2
Spider silk adult
Halloween 2016
Lich Warder
Lich Warder egg
Lich Warder s1
Lich Warder s2
Lich Warder adult
Halloween 2017
Hooded Draich
Hooded Draich egg
Hooded Draich s1
Hooded Draich s2
Hooded Draich adult
Halloween 2017
Undaquas egg
Undaquas s1
Undaquas s2
Undaquas adult
Halloween 2018

Winter Holiday

Name Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Winter Rangifer
Rangifer winter egg
Rangifer winter s1
Rangifer winter s2
Rangifer winter female
Rangifer winter male
Christmas 2015
Esvatinnare Dragon
Esvatinnare dragon egg
Esvatinnare dragon s1
Esvatinnare dragon s2
Esvatinnare dragon adult
Christmas 2016
Snow Drake
Snow Drake egg
Snow Drake s1
Snow Drake s2 f
Snow Drake s2 m
Snow Drake adult f
Snow Drake adult m
Christmas 2017
Augozzy egg
Augozzy s1
Augozzy s2
Augozzy adult
Christmas 2018
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