The Library is one of the locations on Ostlea. It contains books with lore and creature information. It is sometimes referred to as 'The Castle Library', which it is also called on its page on the site.

Description Edit

While exploring the castle ruins you stumble upon a small passageway. Oddly, it doesn't appear to have been touched by time or weather. Inside you discover a huge library filled with scrolls, tomes, and books of all kinds in perfect condition. Most seem to detail the history of Ostlea as well as its creatures and legends, though, a few detail the art of magic and summoning. As you look around a small desk catches your eye. Perhaps you should have a seat and read through some of these mysterious texts...

Creature Journals Edit

Each creature journal contains extra information about the creatures, and all known information. All sprites including spriter's alts and potion alts are shown in the journals, as well as concept sketches if there are any.

The journals start with some statistics (species, height and weight, diet, habitat, availability, elemental affinity, breeding group), followed by the sprites and descriptions, then potion alts if there are any, and finally spriter's alts if there are any.

Other Books Edit

There are currently four other books in the library: Life of Pine, Gryffi's Fairy Tales, Ostlea: A Land of Legends and The Guide to Notable Cities and Towns.

Apothecarist's CompendiumEdit

The Apothecarist's Compendium is a book containing information about all items on Tales of Ostlea. It is continuously updated as items are added.

Life of Pine Edit

Life of Pine is similar to a creature journal, but it lists all the Pinecone creatures with their special stories. It is currently unfinished.

Gryffi's Fairy Tales Edit

Gryffi's Fairy Tales has stories about Ostlean legends. It currently has the stories The Tree of Souls, A Mother's Love, The Toupee Eating Hat, The River Wisp, Forest Friend, Enchanted Gifts, The Cradle of the Moon, Calm After the Storm, What Goes Around Comes Around, and Ignorance Blesses You.

Ostlea: A Land of Legends Edit

Ostlea: A Land of Legends contains legends about Ostlea. It currently contains three stories: Creation & New Beginnings, Spring Eggstravaganza Origins and Sheeplet & Rexling.

The Guide to Notable Cities and Towns Edit

The Guide to Notable Cities and Towns contains information about Ostlean locations. It currently contains information about Aurora Vale, Ekoh Springs and Altaris.

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