Lava Dinks are small creatures which can be found in Mt. Ekoh and rarely in the Mystic Caverns. They have a rare alternative blue colour, the Copper Lava Dink, which can hatch from any Lava Dink egg. They were released alongside the Ephalump during the Early May 2016 Release.

Descriptions Edit


This small, warm egg sizzles and fizzles when you touch it


Awww, this cute little hatchling is always looking for warm spots about your home...

Mature HatchlingEdit

Awww, this cute little hatchling is always looking for warm spots about your home. recently it's gotten more adventurous and has even set itself on fire a couple of times. it seems fine though...


Dinks are small creatures that possess two distinct types of primitive magic: one that allows them to swim in lava and one that grants them the ability to create molten lava bubbles. The first is essential to their survival, as they are often found dwelling in the well-known lava pools of Mt. Ekoh. In fact, their oddly shaped tails are specifically used to assist them as they navigate the scalding lakes. When they are in the lava, the fur along their backs often ignites. Their second magical ability is used to conjure bubbles of molten rock that float according to their will. These beautiful yet incredibly dangerous bubbles are used to distract and sometimes attack predators and after these bubbles have cooled, Ostleans have been known to collect them to be used as decorative pieces due to their perfectly spherical shapes. Naturally, dinks maintain a very high body temperature and make for wonderful snuggle buddies when it's cool outside.

Additional Information Edit

Some dinks have a strange coloration to their fur. This is due to the lava they can be found swimming in, which is heavily saturated in sulfur and in turn stains their bodies. When the fur on their backs ignite, it burns a bright blue or green because of this


Gender Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Type
Icon genders
Lava dink egg
Lava dink hydrocarbon s1
Lava dink hydrocarbon s2
Lava dink hydrocarbon adult
Lava dink copper s1
Lava dink copper s2
Lava dink copper adult
Invincible and Gryffi's Oddity
Icon genders
Lava dink egg
Lava dink selenium s1
Lava dink selenium s2
Lava dink selenium adult

Hatching sequenceEdit

Egg Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Lava dink egg
Lava dink egg1
Lava dink egg2
Lava dink egg3
Lava dink egg4



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