Junk items are items which are found randomly in the biomes. These items can only be sold for Silver through the Inventory.

Usable Junk Edit

At the time of the site's opening, two Junk items had the option to 'use' them due to a glitch: Four-Leaf Clover and Pile of Snow. However, actually attempting to use them gave the message "This item has no purpose, what are you trying to accomplish?".

This glitch was corrected shortly after opening.

Special Junk Edit

Following server downtime in late October 2015, a promo code for a special Junk item called 'Philip Decoy' was given out. It can be sold for 8000 silver and the code to claim it is 'PhilipKingofCones'. The item is a fake version of Gryffi's pinecone Philip. In the inventory, it is listed as a 'gift' rather than Junk.

During the 2015 Winter Holiday event Christmas Countdown, more special junk was given out: the Christmas Card, the Stocking, the Holiday Cracker and the Christmas Cracker.

Items Edit

Name Image Description Biome(s) Sold for
Bone Fragment
Bone fragment
A bone fragment. Probably. Mystic Caverns 50Silver
Christmas Card
Christmas card
Holiday cheer comes in many forms - in this case, silver as cold as the snow outside. This item can be sold for 1000 silver. Promo code 1000Silver
Christmas Cracker
Christmas cracker
A Christmas Cracker. Open it. You know you want to. Promo code 1Crystal
Chunk of Amber
A chunk of amber. Now you have reeeaaally old tree goop. Nice. Lyzta's Jungle 50Silver
Fern Frond
A fern frond. Maybe you can make tea out of it. Hopefully not the poisonous kind, though. Lyzta's Jungle 30Silver
Four-Leaf Clover
Four-leaf clover
A four-leaf clover. Maybe if you're even luckier, you'll find a fifty six leaf clover someday. Elegema Forest 50Silver
Glowing Mushroom
Glowing mushroom
A glowing mushroom. Would it give you glowing powers if you ate it...? Mystic Caverns 30Silver
Holiday Cracker
Holiday cracker
A holiday cracker. It feels awfully heavy. I bet Gryffi shoved an otter in there... Or more likely some silver. Promo code 6000Silver
An icicle. If you lick it, your tongue might get stuck. Might. Try it. Sunanie Glacier 50Silver
Lehua Flower
Lehua flower
A Lehua flower. Also known as the "Metrosideros polymorpha", or the "'ōhi'a lehua". Try saying those names five times fast. Together. In a single breath. Mt. Ekoh 30Silver
An obsidian chunk. Will it skip across lava if you throw it? Mt. Ekoh 50Silver
Old Boot
Old boot
An old boot. Now one of your feet won't be cold! Scylla's Cove 30Silver
Philip Decoy
Philip? Wait... no. It's just a decoy. *sigh* Maybe you can at least sell it to Gryffi for some silver? Promo 8000Silver
Pile of Snow
Snow pile
A pile of snow. If you brought a little h\at, you can make a little snowman. Sunanie Glacier 30Silver
I bet its name is Philip. Elegema Forest 30Silver
Sand Dollar
Sand dollar
A sand dollar. Contrary to its name, it can't really be used to buy anything. Scylla's Cove 50Silver
This red stocking seems to be holding some goodies inside... Hopefully nothing feet-related. This item can be sold for 3000 silver. Promo code 3000Silver
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