Tales of Ostlea celebrated its first birthday on the 8th of October, 2016. A new creature was released and several site updates went live, including a brand new biome map.

Further celebrations were held on the 18th of October, with the release of Zenith creatures.

Release announcements Edit

8th of OctoberEdit

Hello my lovely Ostleans! Today is a very special day for us, Tales of Ostlea's very first birthday! To celebrate this wondrous occasion we've brought you a brand new permanent creature, a new site theme which can be found under your account settings on the main site and a brand new map can now be seen on the explore page! Though that's not all since Halloween also falls in this month we've planned plenty of other surprises for you guys so don't forget to check back!

A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea!

A new creature has taken up residence in the Elegema Forest where it will be mass dropping until 11:59 PM on Monday the 10th. This creature currently cannot be fed.

“You can hear soft mews coming from this smooth egg." Thank you to Infinis for this awesome new creature!

In addition to this new beauty a few oldies have returned to the Menagerie for the month!

Possessed Dracodolls and Teruterus are once again available and breeding!

Along with these lovelies all the past Halloween creatures are also in stock and available for 1 crystal each for those of you who missed out, hurry and get them while you can, they will be leaving the shop again at the end of the month!

18th of OctoberEdit

Hello grand adventurers of Ostlea! As part of our celebration of Tale of Ostlea's first birthday, we'd like to introduce a brand new permanent feature to our world: Zeniths! These mysterious beings are not easily obtained, but luckily catching up on your literature can help!

Start your adventure!

As well, to kick off our introduction of Zeniths, use the following Promo codes to reward you with your first orbs! Enter these codes over on the Trade Station


Creatures Edit

Creature Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
White Feli
Feli egg
Feli s1
Feli s2
Feli adult
Black Feli
Feli black s1
Feli black s2
Feli black adult
Gemeater Bat Zenith
Gemeater bat zenith
Great Red Drasces Zenith
Great red drasces zenith
Shell Piercer Zenith
Shell piercer zenith
Glacienne Moth Zenith
Glacienne moth zenith
Shimmerling Zenith
Shimmerling zenith

New site theme Edit

The first ever new site theme was released during the first birthday: the 'Birthday' theme. It features purples and cream colours, and is overall lighter and more colourful than the standard ('Main') theme.

Birthday theme

New map Edit

A completely new map created by Kristhasirah was released as well. It replaced the old Map of Ostlea. Along with this, the links to the separate biomes were replaced by wooden signs made by MonstrHugger.

Ostlea map 2
Biome signs

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