The February 2016 Seasonal Release happened on the 1st of February, 2016. The February seasonal creature was released, the Cuddle Plushie; as well as a new Donation creature, the Valierawolf.

From this release onwards, Apology Raptors are available in the Menagerie.

Release Announcement Edit

Valentine's Day is drawing near which of course means a new shipment has come in at Alameda's Menagerie! These adorable little plush eggs can be purchased for 700 silver and will be leaving the shop until next year at the end of February! These creatures CAN be fed.

The menagerie has also received another more permanent addition. These beautiful new eggs can be purchased for 1 crystal each and CAN be fed.

In addition to the two new creatures Apology Raptors are now being sold in the Menagerie as well for 1,000 silver each. If you haven't claimed it yet the "IndominusRex" code is still valid though it will be expiring on February 7th at 11:59 PM.

I would also like to introduce our new coder ewe! Send warm welcomes and lots of hugs!

Creatures Edit

Creature Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Cuddle Plushie
Cuddle plushie egg
Cuddle plushie s1
Cuddle plushie s2
Cuddle plushie adult
Valierawolf egg
Valierawolf s1
Valierawolf s2
Valierawolf adult

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