Ekoh Springs is a town on Ostlea near Mt. Ekoh. It is the third chapter in the Library book The Guide to Notable Cities and Towns.

Story Edit

Situated at the base of Mt. Ekoh, Ekoh Springs seems at first to be a rather unimaginative place. Even so this has never failed to draw droves of tourists to the small town, lured by sweet promises of steam baths to cure all ills. Some come to the town with other sweet promises in mind, treasure.

Carefully tended stories spin wonders into the minds of the listeners, gold and riches all for the taking if one can find them. It does not take much to coax the tales from the locals, a bit of curiosity and a willing ear go a long ways. One thing though that is always adamantly stated, and just as adamantly ignored is that none who have sought the treasure have found it and few return.

Aside from the stories and baths those who venture to it are treated with a view unlike any other. Clear skies offer a view of the surrounding lowlands for miles around as well as an unrivaled panorama of the night sky rarely seen by city dwellers. Every so often one may even find themselves treated to a view of courting Fenns or even more rarely a brief, but violent eruption of light said to happen when too much magic gathers in one place for too long. Curiously this last phenomenon seems to happen most frequently after someone has decided to brave the mountain in search of treasure leading to it being commonly called the beacon of the lost.


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