The first Creature Symposium started on the July 15th, 2016, and signaled the release of a new creature each day afterwards. Each creature was set to drop very commonly for an extended amount of time before returning to its proper rarity.

Timeline Edit

15th of July Edit

On the 15th of July, the event started with a dual release. The Cryptic Gryphons and Temporal Chryaxes were released. The former could be found in the Sunanie Glacier and the latter in the Menagerie for 1Crystal.

16th of July Edit

The following day came with the release of the Notters, which could be located in the Elegema Forest

17th of July Edit

On the third day of the event, the Gemswallow Snake was released in the Mystic Cavern.

18th of July Edit

This day released the Shell Piercers which could be found in Scylla's Cove.

19th of July Edit

The fifth day of the Creature Symposium brought the Reaver Wyverns. They were found in Mt. Ekoh.

20th of July Edit

On the 20th, the Aucusto Statues were released and could be found in Lyzta's Jungle.

21st of July Edit

On the final day of the event the Galaxy Dogs were released. They could be found in the Menagerie for 1000Silver.

Release Announcement Edit

Typically we bring you news of one or two new creatures inhabiting our lands, or maybe news of a new shipment arriving in one of our various stores but tonight marks the beginning of something different... For the first time in the history of Ostlea some of the country's greatest explorers have gathered together to bring you all something BIG! Ostlea's first annual Creature Symposium! Starting today and ending on July 21st a brand new creature will be showcased each day along with information on where they can be found! We are aware this might seem a bit overwhelming for the average tamer, but fret not! Each of these new creatures can be fed right away and though they will not be mass dropping in their respective biomes they will be dropping very commonly for two weeks before returning to their intended rarities. All of these creatures ARE permanent releases and will not disappear from the shops/biomes after this event!

Creatures Edit

Creature Egg Hatchling
Icon ungendered
Mature Hatchling
Icon female/Icon male
Icon female/Icon male
Aucusto Statue
Aucusto statue egg
Aucusto statue s1
Aucusto statue s2
Aucusto statue adult
Cryptic Gryphon
Cryptic gryphon egg
Cryptic gryphon s1
Cryptic gryphon s2
Cryptic gryphon adult
Galaxy Dog
Galaxy dog egg
Galaxy dog s1
Galaxy dog s2
Galaxy dog adult
Gemswallow Snake
Gemswallow snake egg
Gemswallow snake s1
Gemswallow snake s2
Gemswallow snake adult
Notter egg
Notter s1
Notter s2
Notter adult
Reaver Wyvern
Reaver wyvern egg
Reaver wyvern s1
Reaver wyvern s2
Reaver wyvern adult
Shell Piercer
Shell piercer egg
Shell piercer s1
Shell piercer s2 male

Shell piercer s2 female
Shell piercer female

Shell piercer male
Temporal Chryax
Temporal chryax egg
Temporal chryax s1
Temporal chryax s2
Temporal chryax male

Temporal chryax female

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