The Christmas Countdown was part of the Christmas 2015 event. It was an Advent Calendar counting down to Christmas. It started on the 16th of December, two days later than intended due to unforeseen circumstances.

Event Edit

Every day of the event at midnight, one of the tree's ornaments was blacked out to reveal a promo code. The promo codes were all valid until the 1st of January, 2016.

Announcement Edit

Merry Christmas all my lovely Ostleans! It's that wonderful time of year! A time to be with friends and family and give gifts to show them how much you care and appreciate having them in your life! It's no different here in Ostlea, this year we've decided to show you how much we love you all by SHOWERING you all with fabulous gifts from our beautiful Advent Calendar! Every day come back to this thread and you will receive a new promocode which can be redeemed on this page*. Be sure to check back on Christmas day for a very special gift.

*'this page' refers to the Trading Post, where promo codes can be redeemed.

Codes Edit

Art and credits Edit

Art Name Credits
Christmas countdown
Event banner MonstrHugger
Advent tree ornamented
Advent Tree Lineart, design and tree colouring by Mochiccino, tree shading and ornament colouring/shading by Rhynn
Christmas card
Christmas Card MonstrHugger
Christmas cookies
Christmas Cookies Amphyrre
Ribbon Infinis
Birb ribbon adult
Ribbon Birb
Birb redeye ribbon adult
Red-Eyed Ribbon Birb
Peppermint elixir
Peppermint Elixir Amphyrre
Candycane moth adult
Candycane Moth
Stocking ZioCorvid
Essence of Frost
Essence of Frost Rhynn
Ryukoi frost egg
Ryukoi frost s1
Ryukoi frost s2
Ryukoi frost adult
Ryukoi frost ascended
Frost Ryukoi
Iced coffee cup
Iced Coffee Rhynn (frost effect). Original Coffee dragon by Mochiccino and Infinis
Coffee dragon iced egg
Coffee dragon iced s1
Coffee dragon iced s2
Coffee dragon iced adult
Iced Coffee Dragon
Holiday cracker
Holiday Cracker Spatio
Frigid potion
Frigid Potion ZioCorvid
Icymander s1
Icymander s2
Icymander adult
Icymander tiny s1
Icymander tiny s2
Icymander tiny adult
Tiny Icymander
Festive potion
Festive Potion skwerl56767
Pogolon festive egg
Pogolon festive s1
Pogolon festive s2
Pogolon festive adult
Festive Pogolon
Christmas cracker
Christmas Cracker Spatio
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