The Castle Ruins are a location on Ostlea. It is where abandoned creatures go. Creatures picked up from here will list 'Ruins' as their Obtained From location.

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You travel to the outskirts of the town and find an old abandoned castle wrapped in vines. You aren't sure how old this castle is, but it must be hundreds of years old to be this crumbled. Although there is a tower still standing to your surprise. Scattered around the ruins are eggs of all types, some you've seen and others you haven't. Observing the diversity of the eggs, you figure the parents of these eggs have abandoned them and they are safe to claim.


In the Towne of Alameda chapter of The Guide to Notable Cities and Towns, it is explained that the Castle Ruins used to be the original Royal Castle of the Ostlean rulers. It was built shortly after Ostlea's founding and was destroyed in the war between Royalists and Irvinites.

Trivia Edit

The tree on the Castle Ruins image is the Tree of Souls, which has a library story associated with it.

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