Breeding is an action which can be performed on creatures. It will pair two creatures in an attempt to create up to four new eggs, which will have the two bred creatures as its parents.

Restrictions Edit

There are some restrictions in place which limit breeding. The first restriction is that creatures must be adults in order to breed. Eggs and hatchlings are too young to be able to breed and thus will never be able to.

The second restriction is that the two creatures to be bred, must be of opposing genders. Two females or two males will not be able to create offspring together.

The third restriction is that the creatures to be bred must be part of the same egg group. There are four egg groups: Tiny, MediumLarge  and Enchanted (for a list of creatures in each egg group, please refer to the article 'List of Creatures by Egg Group'). The only creature which is an exception to this rule is the Pinecone, which is part of all egg groups.

Donation and out of season Seasonals/Holidays Edit

Since Donation creatures cost crystals to acquire, the breeding of donation creatures to create more of their own kind also costs crystals. There is currently no automatic way of doing this; instead, those wishing to breed their donation creatures have to contact Gryffi.

Without paying crystals, donation dragons can still breed, but only to creatures which are able to produce offspring at that time, and they will only produce the non-donation creature's type.

Out of season Seasonal and Holiday creatures are also unable to produce their own kind outside of their respective season or holiday.

Unbreedables Edit

While most creatures are able to breed, there is currently one creature which cannot: the Rock. Before May 28th 2016 the Enchanted Plushies were also unbreedable, but on this date the Enchanted egg group was introduced, which made the plushies breedable.

How to breed Edit

New Breeding System

New Breeding System

Breeding creatures.

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