Biomes are places on the Map of Ostlea. These are where creature eggs can be found in the wild. On the creature's view page, the Biome will be listed as 'Obtained From'.

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Ostlea is a thriving realm of magic. Founded long ago by a diverse selection of people, Ostlea is the sanctuary of anyone from rich nobility, hardworking farmers, or mysterious mages. As the kingdom blossomed, abundant magic awoke. Ostlea's blazing deserts, frigid tundra, and vibrant jungles became the home of unknown numbers of fantastic creatures. Some have made it their mission to catalog and befriend these creatures, setting out to discover them and the secrets of magic. Journey into the land of Ostlea. Learn its lore and tales. See what you can discover.

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Special Biomes Edit

Special creatures, like lairborn Spriter's Alts, are often given special 'Obtained From' locations. These are not biomes which exist, but serve to make the creature extra special.

Old Biome MapEdit

Before the First Birthday, the map looked quite different. Instead of a visual representation of each biome, there was literally a map of the Ostlean country.

Ostlea map


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