Altaris is one of the cities of Ostlea. It is the fourth chapter in the Library book The Guide to Notable Cities and Towns.

Story Edit

Set 100 miles off of the coast Altaris is the last place one would expect to find a metropolis, but find it you will...that is if you can get past its guardians. Nicknamed the great crosscurrent of the sea by its inhabitants the city boasts a thriving ecomony carefully tended by the ruling class.

The Merfolk who call the city home have recently started sending ambassadors to Scylla's Cove in hopes of setting up trade with the outside world. In return a small handfull of human ambassars have been invited to visit the city itself. What they will find is anyone's guess but hopes are high for a friendship between the two species.

Inhabitants Edit

While indistinguishable from fish when they choose that form, merfolk are quite noticeable as a human due to small fins adorning their wrists, ankles and head.

Ruling caste Edit

The ruling caste of the city appear to have the lower bodies of a Lionfish and possess the ability to go anywhere between full fish and full human.

Clergy Edit

Worship of the lord of the sea is overseen by the great rays. They are not capable of becoming anything beyond a ray and their natural half fish form.

Jelly tenders Edit

Comprised of Clown fish for their ability to withstand the sting, this order tends the guardian jellies that protect the treasure rooms of the ruling caste. They are bound to their natural half fish form.

Messengers Edit

Sleek bodied merlins make up the messenger class, they possess the ability to become either a full fish or their natural half fish form.

Warrior caste Edit

Sharks of all species comprise the guardians and scouts needed, they are bound to their natural half fish form.

Working caste Edit

Comprising all other non specialized members of the population this caste ranges all shapes and forms though seems to be mainly made up of Salmon and Seabass. They are bound to their natural half fish form.


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