The Advent Calendar was part of the Winter Holiday 2016 event. It was a countdown to Christmas. It started on the 16th of December.

Event Edit

Every day of the event at midnight, a new button was available on the Advent Calendar page. Clicking the button would award an item, egg, and/or silver.

Announcement Edit

Merry Christmas!... Well ALMOST! Once again we've come bearing gifts in the form of an advent calendar . Every day you come back from now until Christmas Day (December 25th) you'll be able to claim a new special gift and watch as our gingerbread house becomes more and more festive!


-Candycane Plushies are currently breeding and can be bought from the Menagerie until the end of the month!

-Winter Rangifer's breeding season will be beginning on the 19th! They can also be found in the Menagerie for the remainder of the month.

-Holiday Potions are being sold in the Apothecary, grab them while you can!

-A new holiday creature will be release on the 25th, don't forget to check back!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Rewards Edit

Art and credits Edit

Please note that only new items are listed here; items which already existed on the site are not included.

Art Name Credits
Gingerbread house day1
Gingerbread House, day 1 Amphyrre
Gingerbread house day2
Gingerbread House, day 2
Gingerbread house day3
Gingerbread House, day 3
Gingerbread house day4
Gingerbread House, day 4
Gingerbread house day5
Gingerbread House, day 5
Gingerbread house day6
Gingerbread House, day 6
Gingerbread house day7
Gingerbread House, day 7
Gingerbread house day8
Gingerbread House, day 8
Gingerbread house day9
Gingerbread House, day 9
Gingerbread house day10
Gingerbread House, day 10
Crate of steaks
Crate of Steaks MonstrHugger
Toy Bag
Toy Bag MonstrHugger
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